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3 Maximalist Makeup Ideas To Inspıre Your New Year’s Eve Look

You can make your daily makeup very beautiful in just 10 minutes. You have a make-up watch every morning at a certain time. Whatever your style, full glam make-up always light up. We’ve listed you for a make-up training with sparkles, eyelashes and a lot of highlighter.

If You Love Glitter

We can fully trust Denitslava. This instructional video also features a bold red matte lips, face & eye palette and ultra-thin pants with a shimmering makeup look

If Warm Tone Makeup Gets You Excited

NikkieTutorials provide a special and perfect hot makeover for this winter

If You Want to Use Just Drugstore Products

Vlogger Hannah Renee for her beautiful look, only with the pharmacy makeup part to create a glam makeup look for special occasions, ie New Year’s Eve. Along with the look of smoky-winged eyeshadow to provide a golden look and NYX professional make-up face and body glow and LüOreal Paris Pro-Glow


Liquid mood fashion in 2018 can be used in the new year. Not only because it gives a matt finish to our lips, it’s always a better trend in the seasons. We have prepared five liquid lipsticks that you can use in 2019

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink, the most popular lipstick of this year and probably the most favorite lipstick on all time. This lipstick comes to the forefront with its beautiful colors that have low budget and at the same time add beauty to your beauty. And your lips feel comfortable after every use.

Lime Crime Plushies Liquid Lipstick

The Lime Crime brand is a matte velvet lipstick that is featured in one coat and is anti-stain. You will be very assertive with this formula. A combination of colors and a lipstick that blends in almost any skin tone.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Liquid Lipstick

This is another matte of Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Lippie lipstick varieties. Because most of the work is pigmented, super plush, creamy and thick, long lasting color.

Sephora Matte Cream Lip Stain

Sephora matt creamy stain on the mat by lip matte cream. It is the lightest lipstick in its field. You literally feel like there’s nothing in your mouth. Süer soft foot applicator can use this lippie in your daily life.

YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain

YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain is the luxe liquid lipstick that should be a part of every liquid lip collection. This gorgeous lippie has a ton of staying power and comes in a variety of colors and tones, all while leaving the softest, most pigmented matte stain. Seriously, what more could we want?


Dramatic Double Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

Want to make your style more striking and dramatic? Try giving yourself a smokey eye look! Though this high-fashion makeup technique takes a bit of practice to nail down, the final result is sure to turn you into the center of attention wherever you go.

The smoky eye may be the ultimate going-out makeup look for many of us, but cut crease eyeshadow is giving it some major competition. The perfect smoky eye is about a blended look that makes it hard to tell where one shadow begins and another ends. Cut crease makeup is basically the opposite. The ideal cut crease eyeshadow look has a razor-sharp line where the shape on your lid ends and the one on your crease begins. A quick Instagram scroll is all the proof you need that cut crease makeup is aptly named and worthy of all the knife emojis that often accompany the images. They’re that precise.

While cut crease eye makeup may have a distinct finish, it’s still versatile. You can create your own version using different contrasting shadows, or try similar tones for a subtle effect. And don’t forget what a difference glitter and a flick of eyeliner can make. Once you’ve experimented with a few looks, you can even try a double cut crease.

Another bonus about cut crease eye makeup is that the look works for all eye shapes. Whether you have monolid eyes, hooded eyes or deep-set eyes, you can tweak the look to enhance your peepers. Pick up your makeup brushes and get inspired by these gorgeous cut crease eye makeup looks.

This is so gorgeous! Definitely one of my top face looks you’ve ever done! This eye look compliments you so well and really suits your beautiful eyes.

Step1: Choose your colors
Any color can be used to create a smoky eye, although you will need at least three shades of a similar hue. The classic smoky eye is created with black or gray, but bronze and brown are also commonly used.
Green eyes look particularly good with a gray and plum smoky eye, while blue eyes pop with gold or copper and brown eyes go great with shades of navy and gray .
You should choose three shades of each color: a light, creamy color; a medium base color; and a dark, smoky color.
Avoid choosing colors that are too bright, or if you have very fair skin, too dark. You want your smoky eye to accentuate your pretty face, not to distract from it.

makeup brush
Step2:Use the right supplies.
Although it may be quick and easy to choose the first three complementary shades of eyeshadow you find with a sponge applicator, the perfect smoky eye is created using the right supplies.
Using loose powders gives you the best blending ability, which is necessary for creating a great smoky eye. However, loose powder tends to have a lot of “fallout,” meaning the powder may fall down onto your cheeks and face. Be sure to sweep off any errant powder before heading out the door.
Use pitch-black eyeliner to accentuate your smoky eye. You have the option of using a pencil, cream, or liquid eyeliner, and any will work just fine. Cream and liquid eyeliners give a very smooth finish, while a pencil eyeliner gives a softer blended look.
Be sure to use high quality makeup brushes. Using dirty, old, or sponge brushes will create a smeared look that doesn’t blend. The best makeup brush for a smoky eye is a domed eyeshadow brush, which is rounded at the top. You can find these at many beauty supply stores.
Be sure to use a concealer and eyeshadow primer to prep your lids before applying the smoky eye. Use a concealer brush to apply both.
Have a large fluffy brush, makeup remover and q-tips on hand to fix any mistakes or loose shadow on your cheeks.

Step3:Apply your face makeup.
Before you put on your smoky eye, you should create your neutral palette. Apply concealer under your eyes and on any dark or red spots, and then apply a powder foundation over the top to set it.
You have the option of applying blush or bronzer to add dimension to your face. For a bronzer, sweep it into the hollows of your cheeks with a large fluffy brush. To apply a blush, blend it into the apples of your cheeks. Remember to apply both lightly, for the most natural look.
Make sure your eyebrows are well-shaped and colored, as the smoky eye will draw attention to them. Having brows that are too thin or light will make your smoky eye look too dark and unnatural.